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Useful Arbitrage Accessories and Tools

Arbitrage Calculators

Arbitrage Calculator

Sports Arbitrage Guide's fully featured Sports Betting Arbitrage Calculator is the perfect online tool for long-term use for new arbers and experienced traders alike. Designed with transparency in mind so you can move your cursor over the name of any field to see details on what that detail means, and how that particular field's value is calculated.

You only need to provide the odds and your investment bankroll and the calculator will let you know exactly how much to play each way. You can then round the bet amounts any way you like your final profits immediately calculated for you.

Matched Betting Calculator

Matched Betting involves playing free bonus money (freebets) and can significantly increase profits.

Sports Arbitrage Guide's likewise fully featured Matched Betting Calculator shows you how to play your freebets to convert them to real money and also supports real time calculation functionality and bet rounding.

Odds Conversion Calculator

A simple calculator for conversions between Decimal (UK) format and American formatted odds.

Sign-up Bonus Money, Freebets and Rewards

Perhaps the most important page on this whole site to bookmark and check regularly.

The SureBetBookies official list of free bonus money you can use in an arb-like fashion with Matched Betting to boost profits significantly.

Arbitrage Downloads

RebelBetting Arbitrage Boot Camp

This eBook is completely free and provided by Rebel Betting for simply subscribing to their newsletter. If you are looking for an ebook to get you started, you might as well start out with this one.

Arbitrage Trading Log.xls

This is a very simple Excel sheet that I usedto use to keep track of my trading. Currently it is very easy for you to edit it to perform however you want.

Improved Trading Log and Balance Sheet.xls

This is a much improved and more recent version of the trading log and balance sheet excel document that I use to track all of my arbs and my account balances. There are asome comments to help you understand its basic workings, but for the most part you should just figure out whatever works good for you and do it that way. This spreadsheet is far from perfect, or even optimal! Improve it!

Arbitrage Tools

Surebetor - Sports Arbitrage Management Tool

This nifty, gorgeous little website uses a smooth looking interface to allow you to record your arbitrage trades and bookmaker transactions online. The real benefit of this, seems to be the ability to then keep track of your entire trading history – and the ability to drill down into some advanced statistics.

To see how it works, just go to the website, and you can use a simple demo version of it all without even needing to register. After that, I think the whole thing is still completely free.

RebelBetting ArbBook Spreadsheet

RebelBetting has made a sophisticated Excel document available for download from their website which helps track and record your arbs.

It comes with a comprehensive guide to its use on the first page, and then several features for you to enter your arbs, middles, sides, back/lay arbs, and track the profits of all of those arbs. It does require at least Excel 2007 to operate though. Older versions of excel can be patched, but they lose some of the functions.

ReloadEvery - for Firefox

A plugin for Firefox that allows you to right-click on a page displayed and set how often you would like that page to automatically refresh. Very useful for keeping track of betting odds and ensuring they don't change while you do your setup and calculations. If you don't use Firefox, I would definitely recommend you try to find a solution for your browser that does this for you as it comes in as quite useful quite often.

Spreadsheet Software

Excel Online

An old-school Microsoft Office setup is expensive. Happily, Microsoft now allows completely free, unlimited usage of Excel in your web browser with Excel Online. All you need is a Live/Hotmail account to get started.

You can upload any of the spreadsheets listed above to your OneDrive to view and work with them directly in your browser. This has the added perk of all your documents then being accessible from anywhere on any computer you sign in with.

Google Spreadsheets

Also completely free and runs in your browser. Absolutely excellent for creating new spreadsheets and keeping track of them but not so great at working with already built Excel spreadsheets like the one above. Still very neat and great for keeping track of your arbs.