If you want to contact SAG for any reason, then just send an email to

moth AT sportsarbitrageguide . com

I have written it out in plain text so as to try to reduce the amount of spam I am getting from spam bots, so just reword that email address to the standard @ symbol with no spaces.

Reasons for contacting us may include corrections to errors on the site (please do this if you find broken links, errors in information or any other type of error), requests for information, suggestions you would like to make about the site, offers of assistance, requests for help, or to sell us super cheap viagra! No wait, thats what the spam seemed to always be about. OK, email us for anything but the last option.

Be sure to check the FAQ and the Forums before you write with your questions. Most questions have already been answered in one or both of those places. If you do write to me, I will usually reply within 24 hours, but if I haven’t replied in 48 hours then I am probably away for a few days.

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