Bookmaker selection is the most critical component to sports arbitrage, and as such we have spent a great deal of time developing a database full of all of the relevant information you could want to know to help you make your bookmaker selection. Click on the following link to open SureBetBookies in a new window:

SureBetBookies has a growing database of the most commonly accessed bookmakers (eventually all bookmakers used by arbitrage alert programs) providing information including whether they accept USA based accounts, what their attitude towards professional gamblers is, what bonuses they have, what rating they have been given by rating sites, what their Tennis, MLB and NHL betting rules are, what their maximum bet range usually is, whether they display their maximum bet before you place your bet or not, what their deposit and withdrawal time, maximums and costs are, and what all of their deposit methods are!

Sportsbook Selection

When selecting a sportsbook, the most important recommendation is simply: Be Thorough. It really doesn’t take long to ensure that the bookmaker you are about to deposit several hundred/thousand dollars into is an upstanding law abiding bookmaker; and anyone who has ever lost money to one that isn’t will certainly agree that the cost is too great to overlook this simple simple step. So when actually considering depositing money at a bookmaker, don’t just ‘think about it’, but actually investigate it!

Before you deposit money though, the first step is to select what books meet your needs.

  1. First start by searching SurebetBookies with your specific criteria: An alert service if you have an arbitrage alert service, a specific deposit method if you have chosen to use one of the specific e-wallets to fund all of your bookmakers etc. Use these search terms to narrow your sportsbook selection down to the ones relevent to you. Then sort the results to highlight the ones you are most interested in. Sort by rating, or by ‘owned by’ and identify what bookmakers have the same odds as each other. Whatever suits you, figure it out and form a rudimentary list in your head (don’t forget you can save the URL of your perfect search in SureBetBookies, so you can bookmark it and come back at any time!).
  2. Next step is to actually look at the bookmakers. Check out the layout of their site, check out the terms and conditions of their bonuses if you are going to use them, have a look at what sports they offer and how many bet types. If they look OK, then there is no harm registering right now, or later, as you have time and as appropriate in order to secure your bonuses (some bonuses have time based limits). Just make sure you don’t leave all of your registrations until the last minute, and then skip over the important investigation steps! Take advantage of the opportunity to register when it is available.
  3. If you are just starting out in arbitrage, then you should use the time between registration and actual money deposit to paper trade. Paper trading consists of basically pretending to place bets in order to trade an arb. You do everything you would normally do, except submit the actual bet. Once you are ready to move on from paper trading, then the next step is to start the investigation process…
  4. Investigating a sportsbook is quite simple really. Go to SportsBookReview (SBR), and find (ctrl+f) the bookmaker you are investigating. Follow the link for more info (left column) and see what articles have been posted by SBR about that bookmaker. On that same page, in a tab just at the top left of the main viewing area is a link which says “Search Forums”; Click that. Read any threads which look interesting in those results. Then go to Bookmakers Review (BMR) and check their rating, and any information they provide on the bookmaker. With those two websites you should be able to firmly determine whether the sportsbook in question is reliable or not. From there it is also worth looking at the SureBetBookies database again to read any comments left about the sportsbook in question, and then searching Arbusers for any perspectives on the sportsbook from arbers. With those 4 sources, you should be able to firmly establish if the sportsbook is reputable, reliable, and how they will treat arbers. And that is really all you need to know.
  5. Apply that investigation to each sportsbook before you place any money with them, and you are really quite safe (depending on how well you head the advice given by those sources of course). And with funded bookmakers, you are as good as already arbing…


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