Setting up your Alert Service

As soon as you have done all you can do with your e-wallet setup, you should start trialing alert services. Work through each of them, one or two at a time. This not only allows you to evaluate the value of the alert service itself, but you should also pay attention to which bookmakers seem to be most commonly involved in arbs.

Since you are waiting for your funds to clear into your e-wallet, you should spend your time inspecting every arb of any value found by any of the alert services you trial.

  1. Are the odds real?

    Go to the bookmakers in question and find the odds. Are they still there, active and current?

  2. Are there any mistakes in the arb?

    Are the odds exactly as reported? Do the two bookmakers match up exactly on the bet type (handicaps match, point spreads match etc)?

  3. Can you see if there are any strict limits on the bet volume?

    This is often not possible to see without first having an account. Don’t start registering yet though.

This is sort of like paper trading, just without being registered at the bookies. As well as helping to identify which books are providing good real arbs, it is a helpful way of practicing the steps of arbitrage trading, helping you to be faster when you start dealing with real money.

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