Bonus Overview

Claiming Bonus Money While Arbing

As you proceed through the setup process already outlined in this section of Sports Arbitrage Guide, you should be accumulating freebets and bonus money from the bookmakers you join. This free money is one of the best sources of easy profit you can have when you get started arbing, so do your best to take full advantage of them. Working your way through the major sportsbooks, you should easily be able to add more than a couple of thousand dollars to your bankroll just through matched betting and rolling over your bonus money.

Every bookmaker which offers a sign-up bonus of some kind will have a number of conditions which must be met before the bonus money can be withdrawn from the account. Some have a number of conditions which must be met before the bonus will even be added to the account. These conditions are the rules by which you must play and so are the most important thing to ensure you understand.

If you encounter any contradiction between advice given here and requirements set out in terms and conditions, you should always follow the terms and conditions first. Some bookmakers have bizarre requirements. If the conditions for a bonus seem too convoluted, too difficult or completely confusing, it may be best to avoid claiming the bonus altogether.

Generally though, your bonus money will come in one of two forms – Stake Returned (SR), or Stake Not Returned (SNR). We will cover each type of bonus over the next two pages…

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