ArbExpert Two for One Promotion

ArbExpert have just announced a new promotion which will give you twice as much back as what you have paid for. Here is their email to their members:

As a past user of ArbExpert we are offering you two subscriptions for the price of one. Just take out any subscription in the next six weeks, send us a copy of this email, and we will double your subscription. For example, if you take a three month subscription for just GBP 125, we will add three extra months making it six months for only GBP 125.

We have improved our service by allowing click through to the actual bets on most bookmakers and for those where we cannot take you to the bet, we redirect you as close as possible to the event/league/sport.

Remember, this offer will expire in six weeks, so subscribe now and send us a copy of this email – we will double your chosen subscription!

Now normally, only existing members of ArbExpert are invited to these sorts of promotions, but I have asked them to allow SAG subscribers to access this great offer. So when you register, make sure you mention Sports Arbitrage Guide, and make reference to this email/blog post when purchasing your subscription.

This is such a great value offer, you really do need to take advantage of it – you could be getting six months worth of alerts for less than it costs for a single month subscription to many other services!

Visit ArbExpert now and subscribe


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